New Valve Store Powered by WeLoveFine


After over a decade of shipping Black Mesa hoodies, Pyro posters, Dota 2 Microplush, and loads more merchandise to a massive community of dedicated fans, the Valve Store is closing our old shop down and heading to a new home at, where it will operate under the curation of our long-time merchandise partners at WeLoveFine.

Offering an updated shopping experience and an improved selection of Valve merchandise, the new Valve Store is powered by WeLoveFine's established production and distribution infrastructure, which provides better support for an increased volume of customer demand, and drastically expands our ability to deliver fan merchandise to nearly every country around the world where Valve games are played.

Additionally, WeLoveFine are already active partners in the Steam Merchandise Workshop and have been involved in the creation of some of the Valve Store's most popular items. The further integration of their community-engaged production process with the Valve Store's operations will help refine the pathway that user-generated content takes en route to becoming officially-licensed merchandise, and continue to ensure that a variety of quality design options are available to fans.

Find more information and browse some of the new and classic products over at the new Valve Store, and help create or vote on the next wave of merchandise in the Steam Merchandise Workshop. Convention-going fans can also look for the traveling Valve Store at upcoming events like San Diego Comic Con, PAX West, TwitchCon, and more.