CS:GO Collectible Five Year Veteran Coin Pre-Order FAQ:

How do I qualify to pre-order the physical Collectible Five Year Veteran Coin?

If you already own the 5 Year Veteran Coin in CS:GO you are eligible to pre-order!

To check for the Coin, open CS:GO and select ‘Inventory’. From here set the filter to ‘Display’ and look for the ‘5 Year Veteran Coin’:

If you do not own the Coin in-game you are not eligible to pre-order the physical version. There are two requirements for owning the 5 Year Veteran Coin:
-The user must have owned a copy of any Counter-Strike game for more than five years without interruption (and currently own CS:GO)
-The user’s account must be in good standing (no VAC bans)

Users can verify when they first added Counter-Strike to their account by checking their Steam purchase history and retail key activation history.

I don't qualify to pre-order the Coin now. Am I out of luck?

If you are not able to pre-order the Coin during the first phase stay tuned - more Coins will be made available. As more users receive the Coin in-game we plan to offer more purchasing opportunities.

My account is not eligible to purchase a Coin. Can I still buy one?

No. For various reasons users may not be eligible to purchase the 5 Year Coin. We have no way of allowing ineligible users to purchase the Coin, nor can we bypass any VAC bans or ownership checks to allow users to purchase.

Can I buy more than one Coin?

No. Coins are limited to one purchase per Steam account that qualifies.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for all purchases of the CS:GO Collectible Five Year Veteran Coin. However, depending on your region you may be subject to additional Import/Duty Fees and/or VAT or other local taxes that are not reflected in the order. Any such additional fees or taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer and may be charged at the time of delivery.

Where are you shipping the 5 Year Coin?

We ship orders worldwide except to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Burma, Syria and Sudan.

I pre-ordered! When will I receive my 5 Year Coin?

CS:GO Collectible Five Year Veteran Coin’s will begin shipping mid June

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